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Eco-Pro Filter, Washable HEPA Furnace Filter

Washable Furnce Filter

Washable Furnce Filter

The Eco-Pro Filter is the world’s best washable Furnace Filter. With a Airflow rating of MERV 7, and a dust capacity of 165 grams it’s truly a marvel of engineering.

Another great feature about the Eco-Pro Filter is the “Alarm Whistle”. It literally tells you that you need to clean it so you never forget! This will cut down on the dust in your duct work and reduce energy costs.

But the best part about the Eco-Pro Filter is the fact that it is good for the environment. It has a 25 year guarantee on it manufacturing and performance. This means no more cardboard filters filling up landfill sites.

Smart, Eco-Friendly and Energy Reducing While Keeping your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Standards Higher. Save Money and the Environment with the Eco-Pro Filter!


Duct Cleaning Ottawa | Eco-Pro

duct cleaning services in Ottawa Ontario

Breathe Easier With Ottawa Duct Cleaning Experts, Eco-Pro

One of the most important things when it comes to keeping your home safe is to always perform proper maintenance. Using the air duct cleaning services Ottawa will allow you to remove the dirt and grime from your ducts, something that will deliver cleaner air and a much better set of results as a whole. In the end, what matters the most is to offer your family clean air and a healthier way to live, something that the Ottawa duct cleaners can bring, among many other benefits.

Indoor air quality

With help from an eco-pro duct cleaning service, you will be able to have a much better set of lungs for your home, so the overall air will be better and of a higher quality. The pulmonary system of any man can be affected beyond belief by the dirt and grime that accumulates in the ducts, so you should definitely work with the duct cleaners in Ottawa Ontario in order to make sure that you stay safe and your family stays safe as well.

You save energy

Based on reliable data from researchers, it seems that around 30-40% of the entire energy used by a cooling or heating system is lost and wasted. Thankfully, with help from the Ottawa duct cleaners you will be able to access extraordinary results and a really good experience all around, which is what matters the most. Less energy gets used, you save money and in the end, everyone wins.


Once the air duct cleaning services take care of your home, you will be able to obtain extraordinary results and a very good experience all around, all you have to do is to make sure that you contact a proper set of duct cleaners in Ottawa Ontario. They will offer you a reliable and professional service that will deliver very good results and a stellar experience all around.

You save money

Ottawa duct cleaners are offering this service because they know once your ducts are filled with grime and dust they will not work efficiently. This will lead to higher energy costs and that money could be kept in your pocket. All you need to do is to make sure that you contact the eco-pro duct cleaning team in order to help you deal with all issues as fast as possible and the results will definitely pay off in the long run.

In conclusion, if you want to be safe within your home then it’s a very good idea to hire the best air duct cleaning services Ottawa has to offer. Not only are they designed to bring in some amazing benefits but the results will be more than impressive, so don’t hesitate and give them a shot, you will not regret it!


Crime Scene Cleaning and Hoarding Cleanup Specialists, Ottawa Extreme Clean

crime and trauma cleaning ottawa

Are you looking for a reliable Ottawa crime scene cleaning service that offers you the best possible results and which brings in front a stellar, discrete service that you can use at all times? Then you are in the right place, as here at Ottawa Extreme Cleaning we take extra pride in offering you immediate access to a wide range of services which include everything from suicide cleaning services Ottawa to odour removal services Ottawa, hoarding cleaning and many others.

We take a lot of pride in always making sure that you access the best, highest quality biohazard cleaning services that Ottawa has to offer, and with our help you will be able to immediately clean up the blood, bodily fluids as well as all the potentially infectious materials that can appear near a crime scene.

Having such an even happen within your premise can be both traumatizing and bad for business, so you need to make sure that you access our suicide cleaning services as fast as possible. With our professional blood spill cleanup you will have the opportunity to access a stellar way of dealing with any biohazard issue.

Here at Ottawa Extreme Cleaning we have a lot of experience in dealing with Ottawa crime scene cleaning and this is why when you contact us we will be able to help you get the best possible experience at a stellar price and with an extraordinary outcome as well.

We are experienced in offering the best biohazard cleaning services that you can find right now on the market and our staff is very professional, as we all know the negative impact that such an even can have on you, your home or your business. This is why our trauma scene cleaning services are very fast and reliable, all so that you won’t have to deal with any crime scene cleaning on your own. Our service is extraordinary and thus you don’t need any other help other than us.

We can help with any issues that include the disposal of industrial accident remains, infectious disease contamination, animal biohazards, decomposition, suicides, homicides and so on. No matter how bad the crime scene was, we make sure that the entire area is completely cleaned and professionally treated to offer the best results. Our blood spill cleanup and odour removal services Ottawa are designed in order to offer you the best value and astounding results unlike never before. You shouldn’t hesitate to contact an Ottawa crime scene cleaning service, as this is the best choice to get the job done in a secure, healthy and reliable manner.

Thanks to Ottawa Extreme Cleaning, the entire process is performed in a secure manner and at the same time we are experts in everything that pertains to Ottawa crime scene cleaning. So, if you need a stellar job performed in this sector, we are the perfect choice, just contact us right now 613-276-8667  at and let us get started, you will be amazed with the cleanliness that can be found after our team addresses the situation!


Devialet Phantom Toronto Dealer, Modern Sounds. Your Audio Expert!

Buy Devialet Phantom in Toronto, Canada

Devialet Phantom, Quite Possibly Genius!

Creating a high quality sound system is all about studying the acoustics and making sure that the output signal is the best you can get from the speaker. But no one can prepare you to truly experience the amazing sound brought by Modern Sounds, the Devialet Phantom Toronto Dealer. This product not only surpasses all expectations, but which is also designed with a high quality user experience in mind, something that can indeed be seen right off the bat.

You should buy Devialet Phantom in Canada mainly because this is a product that offers you a very good, ultra dense sound that also makes a physical impact. Not only is this bringing you a powerful, clear, and precise sound but it also manages to replace all systems, offering you an exquisite sound system that will provide you with a stellar outcome!

Devialet is almost exclusive to Modern Sounds Canada, this is a product that manages to bring in front the ultimate engineering system as well as a wonderful emission system that creates a superior sound process. Combine that with the amazing aesthetic design offered by the product and then you will see why reaching the nearest Toronto Devialet dealer is a necessity, because once you buy Devialet Phantom in Canada, you will have the best music listening experience, right within your home.

The Devialet Phantom, when purchased in Toronto will allow you to access different sound densities, starting with the 16 Hz sub bass and all up to the ultra-sharp sound at around 25 kHz. You also get up to 3000W from this device, not to mention that it can easily reach 105 decibels of power, which is more than impressive considering its size!

You can feel free to choose working with a single Devialet Phantom unit, and this alone will bring in front a very good, reliable and compact audio system that you can enjoy. If you choose to purchase a second unit, you will have a better spatial recognition, not to mention that the music will be truly impressive and extreme, offering you one of the best listening experiences on the market.

With this product, you can rest assured that you will get maybe some of the highest quality sounds you can find out there. The fact that the unit has a firmware which updates automatically and which adds more functionality definitely makes Devialet Phantom very interesting and exciting to say the least.

As expected, Devialet Canada has managed to provide some of the best audio experiences out there with Devialet Phantom, and the fact that this product integrates with any home cinema system, online music services or web radio clearly shows that you can access amazing experiences and a stellar outcome all the time.

From a perfect bass to plenty of dedicated features designed for audiophiles alone, the Devialet Phantom manages to bring you an amazing sound reproduction, one that seamlessly combines the physical impact with an ultra-dense, appealing sound that is truly extraordinary. Nothing is more interesting than the Phantom when it comes to sound fidelity or design, so if you want an exquisite, high quality audio system that brings in front immense benefits, check out your local Devialet Phantom dealer in Toronto. So don’t wait to buy the Devialet Phantom, available in Canada right now, this will take your audio playback experience to the next level.


Sonos Products Ottawa, Modern Sounds

buy sonos products ottawa

Sonos is one of the best hi-fi and high quality music and sound related product manufacturers. Through their unique speakers, home theatre units and components, the company has managed to revolutionize the audio world unlike never before. Modern Sounds knows that, and as one of the most reputable Sonos dealers Ottawa that will bring you the best quality on the market.

The Play series offered by Sonos is designed in order to bring you all the highest quality and best possible results all while providing you with immersive sounds unlike never before. With the help of crystal clear HiFi sound as well as great speakers and an immersive experience. Thanks to the Ottawa Sonos you can also acquire the ultimate listening experience unlike never before. It’s a really interesting, unique and exciting method that you can use in order to fully include yourself into the game world unlike never before.

With so many challenges and choices out there, it’s only a matter of time until you will realize that the Sonos products Ottawa are designed to bring you one of the most refined and professional music listening experiences on the market. Sonos also offers speaker hubs and all the tools you need in order to fully improve the way you listen to music.

The Hi-Fi speakers and the great wi-fi tech allows you to access a pristine sound quality and professional results unlike never before. The Sonos products are designed to provide you with an amazing listening while taking care of all the unnecessary stuff in the background.

No matter what type of Sonos products Ottawa you need, Modern Sounds will offer you that and so much more. With the help of a professional, refined and truly unique experience you will be able to take your demands to the next level unlike never before.

Aside from the normal products, the Sonos dealers Ottawa also offer you the Connect series that allows you to turn the wired speakers into a music streaming system unlike never before. This is a truly unique, extraordinary and plain immersive way to modify the way you listen to music.

This is not only a brand for audiophiles, it’s a brand for those that care to listen to music unlike never before. It’s a revolutionary brand that offers you immense capabilities and access to revolutionary ideas. If you are a fan of great audio products, then you should definitely give Sonos a shot and try their products right away.

Contact the Sonos dealers Ottawa and take your listening experience to the next level immediately. With the help of Hi-Fi system, home theatre solutions and all the necessary connectors, Sonos and Modern Sounds make the musical experience something you will like a lot. You will definitely love the immersion and this will take the experience to an entire new level.


Bluesound Ottawa Dealer, Modern Sounds. Your Expert source for the best in the Audiophile market

Ottawa Bluesound Product Source, Modern Sounds

Bluesound Ottawa Dealer

One of the things we like about music is that we can take it with us anywhere, we can modify it and create amazing experiences unlike never before. Music is fun, it’s appealing and it’s for us anywhere we want. Having headphones is definitely one of the best and most exciting ways to listen to content when we are on the road, but that just doesn’t cut it when we are at home, as here we need the full, exciting effect. This is why the BlueSound brand was created in the first place, so that people will have the unique opportunity to improve the way they listen to music at home.

What makes the BlueSound product line from Modern Sounds very interesting and unique is the fact that these devices which you can purchase at a very good price are offered with a high quality in mind. In fact, they are offering a complete audio experience and HD effects without requesting anything other than a smartphone. Once you get the device you will have the opportunity to select the music you want and then the wireless connection will transfer your request to the device then to the speakers. This means a very good, high quality, 24-bit, amazing sound that you can have whenever you are at home.

Good music will always make you happy, but if you want to create a cool ambient within your home, without generating too much noise, then the BlueSound product line from Modern Sounds is exactly what you are looking for. Refined, professional and filled with interesting choices, it’s the perfect audio tool that you always wanted!

The BlueSound consists out of the Pulse, Node and Vault Models. Each one of these has a specific job because the Pulse models are the speakers, whereas the others can be seen as the regulation units as you listen to music. All of these however are offered at an amazing price, which makes them very useful even for the home users.

You can’t find a lot of high quality audio related products nowadays unless you know the true things that are worth investing in, but one thing is certain, with the BlueSound Hi-Fi music set, the simple experience of listening to music turns into something imposing, impressive yet at the same time very relaxing and a whole bunch of fun.

Moreover, the BlueSound products are offered with a very cool and appealing design unlike never before. It’s very important to find a good set of speakers and audio units that match the design of your home, but with BlueSound you don’t have to worry about that any more.

Professional, reliable and filled with cool features, the BlueSound product line is definitely one of the best things out there, so don’t hesitate and check the Modern Sounds website right now, this is an amazing investment that will definitely change the way you listen to music, relax and have fun!

For more information about all of the top of the line audio products from Modern Sounds in Ottawa, please visit their website.


Looking for Wool Rug Cleaning Services in Ottawa?

Wool Area Rug Cleaning Services in Ottawa, Ontario

ottawa rug cleaners

Purchasing a wool rug can be a very good investment for your home, and one that will pay off big time in the long run. But instead of cleaning the wool rug on your own, you should considering working with wool rug cleaning services because this allows you to acquire a better result, all while maintaining the high quality of the product as well. One has to wonder though, how can you perform Ottawa wool rug cleaning the right way? Let’s find that out!

Shake off the dirt

You need to take the wool rug outside as this will allow you to remove all the dust from it in a professional manner. You have to be certain that the wool rug does not get wet because the results will be a lot worse. Of course, you can work with an eco-pro carpet care or a professional rug cleaning Ottawa service in order to obtain the best outcome without damaging your rug.

Vacuum your carpet

The wool rug does require a perfect area rug cleaning with the vacuum. This allows you to capture all the particles in it. It’s crucial to perform this step if you want to get rid of the pesky stains immediately. A good idea is to vacuum the rug often especially when it comes to a delicate product such as this one.

Wet the rug

Once the particles were removed, you will need to wet the rug in order to remove the stains efficiently. Combine it with a detergent solution but don’t pour too much, just a small amount will do the trick quite nicely. Remember to rinse the soapy solution from the rug once the cleaning is completed.

Dry the rug immediately

When you do Ottawa wool rug cleaning, you need to dry the rug immediately after cleaning it. This allows you to bring in much better results and a stellar experience. Remember to avoid putting this in the dryer, instead allow it to dry under the sun for a few hours. Don’t leave it exposed too much under sunlight!

Cleaning wool rugs is important because it requires a lot of attention and focus, and that’s why working with a professional set of wool rug cleaning services can come in handy. This will allow you to maintain the wool rug clean, while also increasing its durability and offering you a great way to lower the repair costs that might appear in such a situation.

Don’t try to clean your precious wool rug on your own, instead access our professional rug cleaning Ottawa service and the results will be more than impressive! Get the stellar outcome you always wanted and keep your wool carpet clean, all with the best eco-pro carpet care on the market. Contact us right now and access the best rug cleaning Ottawa has to offer!

Ottawa Audeze Dealer, Modern Sounds

audeze dealer Modern Sounds

In today’s musical environment, everything has to be of a very high quality in order to be accepted by the users, and this is why it’s always important to focus on products that actually offer a great experience and a stellar outcome! That’s where Audeze comes into play, a product line that not only manages to imbue the great quality offered by Modern Sounds in their products with the one of a kin technology that we all want to hold in our hands.

What makes the Audeze brand very interesting and distinct when it comes to the audiophiles is that unlike some other Modern Sounds products, this one brings in a stellar way to connect the listener with the artist unlike never before.

With the help of a high quality craftsmanship and extraordinary engineering, the user can assist to a very good audio experience that he will enjoy for sure.

The Audeze brand offers you an amazing listening experience mainly thanks to the headphones that offer you an indispensable tool for those that want the best transparent audio possible and with the highest quality!

According to numerous experts, Audeze offers a warm, very realistic sound and brings in one of the best, most impressive sound quality on the market, all offered at an extraordinary and astounding price unlike never before.

One thing is certain, with Audeze you will always have the opportunity to obtain a distinct sound that you will appreciate, especially if you are an audiophile and you have a love for sound.

The best way to see the quality of these phones is to actually listen to them. It’s definitely a one of a kind experience that, once you go through it, will hook you for life unlike never before!

The Audeze products from Modern Sounds come in a variety of models, which include closed or open headphones, as well as LCD-X models that impress via the interesting and unique design that they have. Not only that, but Audeze’s product line also includes the Deckard and all the necessary adapters that will bring you an even better, more refined and professional listening experience

Unlike other products on the market, Audeze is so much more than a simple set of headphones, it’s a work of art, a product line that seamlessly imbues the amazing sound quality and offers you stunning detail very fast. You will love the way this set of products looks and the performance that it provides, so don’t hesitate and give it a shot right now, you will not be disappointed at all by the outcome!

In conclusion, Audeze is indeed one of the prime sets of headphones from Modern Sounds, so if you are an audiophile and want a stellar quality and great listening experiences, then you should definitely give this a shot, you will be glad you did! Try them out right now, and we guarantee that it will be very hard to get them off after that!


ENCORE RockMaster OE + IE Headphone Brought To You By Sonic Unity

Outstanding Sound Quality. Extreme Value.

Encore Rockmaster


When you hear that a pair of headphones costs $30, you immediately believe that they might not bring the best quality out there, but you can be wrong sometimes and that’s what Sonic Unity tries to prove with the new Encore Rockmaster headphones.

Right from the start, you will see that the product comes in both IE and OE format, which isn’t bad at all considering the low price that the device has to begin with. You can now find the product on IndieGoGo as it currently runs a crowdfunding campaign, but we managed to take these models for a spin and this is what we thought about them.

First, you need to understand that these aren’t the ultimate headphones out there, but considering the price they are coming with, you just can’t get something better than this at such a low value. The products are simply stunning and there’s nothing to bother you when using them, as the sounds are clear and the listening experience is like a match made in heaven for sure.

The design for these Sonic Unity headphones is simply stunning, as no sound is lost and instead every piece of music is guided through the ear in order to form a majestic, stellar and simply stunning experience that you will enjoy for sure.


Encore Rockmaster

Full Range Of Audiophile Quality Sound

When you start listening music with the Encore Rockmaster headphones, you will immediately notice a dark sound that’s basically created by the bass, and this does bring in a sense of energy at first, although it does go down smoothly and provides you with a very cool, relaxing experience.

In regards to the midrange sounds, these are very clear and offer you a reasonable articulation, and crispness. Rockmaster does bring the best capabilities and definitely a lot more than you can usually see at a product in this particular price range.

Based on my experience with the product I have to say that the bass tends to be better for the deeper and larger instruments instead of the other ones, but still, this is a highly capable product and one that manages to bring in a lot of value! Due to the frequency response, the sounds become a little soft and rounded, which isn’t bad at all, but I would have liked something that’s a little more over the top. Still, both IE and OE models are more than impressive and they offer you immense capabilities, and the small price they are going for is juts insane, you can’t get such an amazing value for this price, you can rest assured of that.

Encore Rockmaster is masterpiece from Sonic Unity, you just can’t find something better at this price! You get a cohesive sound that works amazingly well at the lower levels, although things can get a little bit strange at a higher volume, but still, Encore Rockmaster is an amazing product and one that you will love for sure. If you are a fan of great, clear sounds, then this is definitely the product you are looking for! You can back the project right now by following this IndieGoGo link, you will get your own headphones at a heavily discounted price!




Ottawa Hoarding Experts, Eco-Pro Services Group

Expert Hoarding Resources in Ottawa, Ontario

 hoarding cleaning services

Ottawa is an amazing place to live in, one that brings in some extraordinary opportunities. However, there are many people who live here and which hoard lots of items, and this can easily get out of control very fast. Performing such cleaning is very hard, and this is why you need to call a good set of professional and reliable Ottawa hoarding experts as they will provide you with the extreme cleaning you need in this regard. There are many benefits that come from this type of hoarding help as well!

Fast cleanup

 Exteme Hoarding Services

If you are a hoarder or a compulsive shopper, chances are that you are getting too many items and you will run out of space very fast. The best way to cope with this issue comes in the form of the necessary hoarding help which comes from the Ottawa hoarding experts. The service is provided with the utmost professionalism and very good speed, which means that even the worst cases of hoarding will be solved very fast.

A solution that lasts

With the help of Eco-Pro Services Group, you will have the unique opportunity to not only clean up the mess very fast, but the solutions we offer are designed in such a way so that the cleanup will last for a very long time. You will be amazed with how your house will look once we are done with it!

Indoor Air quality improvement

Once we finish with the extreme cleaning, we will work hard in order to improve the air quality within the home. This means that it will be a lot safer and easier to stay and breathe inside the home. Having fresh air in your home once more will be an amazing experience, and we also perform odor control as well!

Pet safety

animal hoarding ottawa

Here at Eco-Pro Services Group we offer you the best hoarding cleanup services that provide you with an extraordinary set of results even if you have a pet. Sometimes pets can leave unwanted odors or even urine in the carpets or inside the home, but we will help you remove all those smells and, at the same time, we will work hard in order to create a pet friendly environment for you to enjoy!


Eco-Pro Services Group is always there for you, so no matter when you need hoarding cleanup services, we will provide you with that and so much more. No matter if you need extreme cleaning or the best Ottawa hoarding experts on the job, we will be there for you guaranteed.

All in all, Eco-Pro Services Group offers the best and most reliable hoarding cleanup services in Ottawa, so if you have to deal with a mess that simply seems out of control, don’t panic and instead contact us right now. We will immediately help you solve all these issues very fast and with extraordinary results. Call the Ottawa hoarding experts now, you will not be disappointed!

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