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Ottawa Steam Cleaning

Most of the time we perform carpet cleaning Ottawa because we have no choice as the carpet tends to become sticky and just unusable. This is where the Ottawa steam cleaning service that we offer comes into play, because not only we help you with pet urine removal and carpet cleaning, but ECO-PRO also manages to bring in quite a lot of health benefits that you can take full advantage off right from the start.

You eliminate pollutants with the help of our Eco-Pro carpet cleaning Ottawa service, you will have the unique opportunity to eliminate pollutants which are trapped inside the carpet. These can be either particles, cockroach allergens as well as toxic gasses which can easily adhere to all of these allergens and then spread all over the house simply by walking or vacuuming. The same can happen with a mattress, and this is why there’s a need for carpet cleaning Ottawa and mattress cleaning as well, because both of them will keep you safe and allergen/pollutant free.

You reduce or even eliminate the amount of mold spores in your carpet with our step process

Thanks to ECO PRO you will have the unique opportunity to prevent the apparition of mold. We have created the carpet cleaning Ottawa service specifically to help you deal with such nuisance at all costs. Simply put, all liquid spills can encourage the creation of mold on your carpet. If you want to remove mold the right way, then the best way to do it is to opt for a complete Ottawa steam cleaning service, as this will clean the carpet thoroughly and leave no room for error.

You can lower the damage that dust mites to do your home

Dust mites can’t be removed, but with the carpet cleaning service you will be able to remove the waste products that are generated by dust mites. This allows you to maintain your home clean and at the same time you will have the opportunity to breathe easily without worrying about dust mites waste.

It’s a much safer cleaning process

When you use the vacuum, you do get rid of most of the dirt and grime on the carpet, but if these particles are less than a micron then they will easily get out of your vacuum cleaner and affect your respiratory tract or enter in your eyes/ears. The best way to completely clean the fibers and protect your health comes, of course, in the form of professional and reliable carpet cleaning.

As you can see, if you access the carpet cleaning Ottawa service that we offer here at ECO PRO you will be able to take full advantage of all these health benefits and so much more. From pet urine removal to carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning, all of these services are thorough, professional and designed to help you stay healthy and maintain a secure environment for you and your family. Don’t hesitate and check the service out, you will not regret it!


The Nuprime IDA-8, Get Your Best Pricing At Sonic Unity

Nuprime IDA-8

Nuprime IDA-8 Presented by Sonic Unity


If you are dedicated to audio playback and creation, then you do need a good, reliable amplifier that you can work with at all times. This is exactly what Nuprime Audio thought when they created IDA-8, one of the best integrated amplifiers on the market which come with a wide range of interesting benefits!

Right from the start, you will see that the that you can access at Sonic Unity is created with professionalism in mind. The design not only looks great, but makes it suitable for both beginners and experts alike. Not only that, but the Nuprime IDA-8 is also an ultra-low noise model, so you won’t have to worry about any noise either, the output quality will be very impressive and you won’t hear any noise, only the amazing result!

The standout feature that Nuprime Audio has integrated into this product comes in the form of its great performance. The sound offered by this product has an astounding warmth and substance that you can rarely find in the amplifier world. This is a one of a kind product that combines characteristics such as efficiency, speed and warmth of other models from Nuprime Audio in order to create a one of a kind product that you do not want to miss.

At the same time, IDA-8 also includes a digital to analog converter that decodes DSD 256 as well as USB PCM 384, which is a major plus. Thanks to the pre-amplifier that manages to imbue the sound with non-feedback ultra linear class A module as well as a very high frequency power stage, you can always rest assured that the results will be stellar.

The complete feature list of Nuprime IDA-8 is very large, but some of the best there include a full microprocessor control that also includes memory retention, as well as a volume adjustment that has 99 very precise 0.5 Db increments. Thankfully, this model offered by Sonic Unity also comes with an asynchronous transfer mode as well as adjustable volume on each input, a complete support for DSD native playback and a switched resistor ladder network that you can use to monitor and change the volume if you want.

IDA-8 is indeed a standout product and one of the best amplifiers on the market that you will definitely appreciate using at all costs. With IDA-8 you will always be able to receive the highest sound quality and the extra features such as the microprocessor control, support for Windows and Mac as well as adjustable volume and the asynchronous transfer mode make the whole experience a lot better. This is definitely a standout product in the Nuprime Audio line, and one of the best amplifiers that Sonic Unity has offered up to this date.

If you want a high quality amplifier for your musical project, then purchasing the Nuprime IDA-8 from Sonic Unity right now is a very good idea. Think of it as an investment into your musical future, as this is the best tool to help you take your songs and audio experience to the next level!


Review of the NuForce uDAC vs the NuPrime uDSD

NuPrime uDSD

If you want to obtain the best possible experience and the ultimate sound quality when you are on mobile or at your computer, then you need a good, reliable digital audio converter which will process the music so you can get the best outcome. But while choosing one can be hard, the reality is that few products can match the NuForce uDAC or the newer, better NuPrime uDSD. NuForce uDAC provides you with a 24bit/96kHz USB interface and it makes it very easy for you to connect the audio signal from your computing unit to your headphones or any other audio output. Included in the device you can also find a professional decoding capability as well as a headphone amp and a very good TOCOS volume control that allows you to perform channel tracking in a more efficient manner, even at the lowest listening levels. Other features such as the Coaxial S/PDIF output and the double jitter-reduction mechanism complete the package and make the device the best choice for audiophiles that want a much better, more realistic listening experience. You can easily purchase the NuForce uDAC right now at Sonic Unity if you want, at the best price on the market. However, if you feel that the NuForce uDAC isn’t performing the way you want, then you can purchase NuPrime uDSD, which is a much better solution thanks to the improved sound as well as the higher quality features. The device supports a DSD256 and PCM384 and it can be used with a maximum sampling rate of around 24 bits, which is more than enough even for the audiophiles. The NuPrime uDSD has an S/N ratio of 112 dB which is much better than what you get with the NuForce uDAC. Of course, both devices are USB powered, but the voltage and the dynamic range are both better in the case of NuPrime uDSD, which not only manages to make the device a lot easier to use but also more versatile, with both of these offering a great benefit for the music lovers. Also, thanks to the output offered with 140 mW at 32 ohms you get a much better music listening experience no matter if you use the headphones or speakers. As a plus, this device comes with one of the lowest harmonic distortion values out there, 0.01%. lastly, the device is very small, in fact it’s palm sized, which makes it very portable, a treat for the audiophiles on the go. Pretty much like in the case of the NuForce uDAC you can purchase the NuPrime uDSD from Sonic Unity right now! So, which one is the best digital audio converter from these two? Even though the NuForce uDAC packs a good punch, the reality is that this tool is a little outdated when it comes to its features and because of that the best bang for your buck is definitely NuPrime uDSD. If you want a good, reliable digital audio converter then all you need is to visit Sonic Unity right now and grab yours right now at the best price on the market. Not only you will be able to take your music listening experience to the next level, but you will also be able to take this tool with you at any given time. Don’t hesitate and check out Sonic Unity right now to get a special price and acquire your own NuPrime uDSD right away!

Ottawa Wedding Photography Experts

Ottawa wedding photography

When looking for wedding photographers in Ottawa, the name that you should be looking for is Legault Photography.

The dynamic couple that is Joel and Jessica, provide stunning photos that will genuinely capture the emotion of your big day. They are the best wedding photographers in Ottawa. Studying their portfolio, one can’t help but feel the warmth and beauty that flows from their work. Often wedding photos are rather dry and thought of as merely memories captured on film. In the case of Legault Photography, however, each wedding photo is an interactive window into the emotion that makes each captured memory powerful and worth reliving. Their work is truly inspirational.

wedding photos Ottawa

So what’s their secret? How is it that they are able to capture abstract feelings like joy and love so efficiently? Well, part of their success comes from the fact that they are a couple. They know what to look for! They understand the little tender moments shared between two people in love because they themselves are in love. They have even stated before that, “taking the chemistry we have in our relationship and applying it to wedding photography was the most amazing thing we could have done,” and nothing could be truer. Their knowledge of relationships and keen eyes give them a unique ability to take story telling candids that do not feel forced in the slightest but that draw you into that moment and make you feel the emotional nature thereof.


Another strength of the Legault Photography duo is their creativity. These guys have an eye for aesthetics. Each Legault photo is full of artistic appeal. If there is a texture or another element that can make your photo more pleasing to the eye, rest assured that they will find it and work it into the shot seamlessly. Their photos look like something you would see in a magazine, only its real life! Engagement pictures shot against the beautiful city of Ottawa bring out the best of the couples and the background, making an inspirational combination. Wedding photos shot in front of bright blue skies, surreal lakes, and charming buildings give each pose a complete feeling. No matter the location, these pros will find the best way to capture the moment.

wedding photographer Ottawa

The Legault’s believe in providing their clients with “artistic and timeless imagery that you can proudly display in your home.” For them, using their services is an investment, and they treat their work accordingly. They want you to be proud of the photos they provide for you. They want you to look back years after your wedding day and relive that magical moment when you first walked out into the world as husband and wife. They want you to see the love you share with your fiancé or spouse through the window of their photography, and they work very hard to give you the best possible pictures, worth more than the standard 1,000 words.


With even their most inexpensive packages including an engagement shoot and a printed album, they are a hard bargain to beat. They offer free consultation, so head over to their easy-to-use contact page and invest in their fabulous work.

Ottawa Business Directory Brought To You by Doorknob Deals

Doorknob Deals is committed to promoting the local businesses that help our economy thrive. We are offering free listings for 3 months in our directory to all businesses in the Ottawa region.

The categories that we have selected presently are as follows:



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RENT-A-PRO Windows and Doors Ottawa

Doorknob deals is featuring RENT-A-PRO windows and doors as our featured business of the week.

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the exterior of your home and all the upgrades that could be done to improve the look and feel of your home. Doorknob deals is very proud to be promoting a reputable local Ottawa businesses like RENT-A-PRO and we are here to help businesses reach their target market and attain their goals in selling their product and services.

RENT-A-PRO has over 30 years of experience in the windows and doors installation Ottawa industry and offers top notch professional service that you cannot get anywhere else.

The owner and operator of this company, Ron Demers works hands on and looks after every project with care and pride. This company gets most of their contracts through word of mouth and referrals by satisfied customers which makes them our number one featured company!

They might not have a flashy website to draw you in, but trust me on this one, “word is spreading fast” and there is a lot of buzz going around about the quality of work that has RENT-A-PRO been able to deliver over the last years.

Read some testimonials of his work and services here to see why you should choose RENT-A-PRO

Here are five reasons why Rent a pro should be your number one choice when it comes to window and door installation.

1) Locally owned and operated: Big enough to handle any job, small enough to devote the time to install your custom windows and doors at deliver more than satisfactory results!

2) Diversity: RENT A PRO has a very diverse portfolio ranging from custom window and door installation to several custom in home projects.

3) Competitive rates: With over 30 years in the business, this company has the most reasonable prices.

4) Quality: RENT-A-PRO used only top quality materials for your home.

5) Integrity: RENT-A-PRO puts their best efforts into every project and job that they perform. No cutting corners, doing it right the first time. Everybody deserves to have the best quality for their hard earned money. And they stand behind all of their work.

Visit the RENT-A-PRO website: for more information about their services.

Phone: 613-769-0882

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