Delivery Areas

A: East of Eagleson up to Old Richmond Rd and between Robertson and Hope Side Rd
B: West of Eagleson up to Terry Fox. 417 to Terry Fox on the south end
C: North of the 417, between Terry Fox and March Rd. North tip ends around South March Station
D: South March Station to Old Carp Rd and Second Line on the west to March Vallery Rd on the east
A: Strandherd Drive on the west and south to Fallowfield on the north and half way between Greenbank and Woodroffe on the east
B: Fallowfield on the noth and Strandherd on the south, Past Woodroffe on the west and Prince of Wales on the east
C: Strandherd on the north, Barnsdale Rd on the south, Past Greenbank on the west and Woodroffe/Prince of Wales on the east side


A: Blackburn Hamlet to Forest Valley, Innes/Bypass/Navan Rd to St Joseph on the north
B: Forest Valley to Tenth Line, 417 to Innes
C: Area north of 417 between Voyageur/Vineyard on the west and Trim on the east
D: Tenth Line past Trim, 417 to Avalon in the south
Ottawa SouthOttawa South
A: Riverside on the west and north, bank on east, hunt club on south
B: Walkey on south to Smyth on North, Riverside/bank on west to St Laurent on east
C: Walkley to Davidson/Lester Rd and Bank/Albion to Hawthorne on the east