How much does it cost?
On average most of our advertisers pay around 6 cents per house (DELIVERED) for the multi-advertiser door hanger. Superior quality and exposure for a fraction of the cost of a postage stamp!

How are you able to offer your advertising so inexpensively?
For the multi-advertiser door hanger, you pay less because you share cost with other quality advertisers. We also print in large quantities and are able to pass the savings along to you, the customer. You simply cannot beat Advantage Monthly!

How do I know my ad even makes it to the door?
We overlook the delivery process. We inspect the route and it’s very easy to see as door hangers are very obvious to see. They hang directly on the door.

On the multi-advertiser door hanger, how can I be sure my competition won’t show up on the same door hanger as mine?
As an advertiser you have exclusive rights to a given target area. This means if you are first to sign with us, your direct competition will have to wait until you decide to discontinue your ad in order for them to take your spot. You generally have one week to decide after the final ad on your contract has been delivered.

Your multi-ad piece is double-sided. How does that affect me and the company advertising on the back of my ad?
We arrange our multi-advertiser door hangers by alternating high and low-frequency usage ads opposite each other. For example, a high-frequency usage ad (fast food) may find itself on the backside of a service company (A/C and heating). Our single-advertiser door hangers are also double-sided at no additional charge and provide you with more room with which to advertise your message.

I’m not crazy about advertising on door hangers. What makes your products so special?
Advertisers have found the high cost of magazine, newspaper and direct mail advertising to become increasingly unacceptable for their business. We create a professionally designed ad, printed full color on the finest, glossy cover stock and deliver it directly to your customer on your own set schedule. The print quality surpasses newsprint, bulk mailers, magazine, and the majority of other print mediums available. And the exposure it provides is unequaled.

In addition to having the flyer, you will also have an online presence with us. We will post a well written blog about your business, with some relevant keywords. You will be posted in our online marketplace directory and you will also be advertised on our virtual coupon page that can be printed and used by the client. This makes Doorknob Deals a well-rounded, intelligent and effective way to advertise.