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Ottawa wedding photography

When looking for wedding photographers in Ottawa, the name that you should be looking for is Legault Photography.

The dynamic couple that is Joel and Jessica, provide stunning photos that will genuinely capture the emotion of your big day. They are the best wedding photographers in Ottawa. Studying their portfolio, one can’t help but feel the warmth and beauty that flows from their work. Often wedding photos are rather dry and thought of as merely memories captured on film. In the case of Legault Photography, however, each wedding photo is an interactive window into the emotion that makes each captured memory powerful and worth reliving. Their work is truly inspirational.

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So what’s their secret? How is it that they are able to capture abstract feelings like joy and love so efficiently? Well, part of their success comes from the fact that they are a couple. They know what to look for! They understand the little tender moments shared between two people in love because they themselves are in love. They have even stated before that, “taking the chemistry we have in our relationship and applying it to wedding photography was the most amazing thing we could have done,” and nothing could be truer. Their knowledge of relationships and keen eyes give them a unique ability to take story telling candids that do not feel forced in the slightest but that draw you into that moment and make you feel the emotional nature thereof.


Another strength of the Legault Photography duo is their creativity. These guys have an eye for aesthetics. Each Legault photo is full of artistic appeal. If there is a texture or another element that can make your photo more pleasing to the eye, rest assured that they will find it and work it into the shot seamlessly. Their photos look like something you would see in a magazine, only its real life! Engagement pictures shot against the beautiful city of Ottawa bring out the best of the couples and the background, making an inspirational combination. Wedding photos shot in front of bright blue skies, surreal lakes, and charming buildings give each pose a complete feeling. No matter the location, these pros will find the best way to capture the moment.

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The Legault’s believe in providing their clients with “artistic and timeless imagery that you can proudly display in your home.” For them, using their services is an investment, and they treat their work accordingly. They want you to be proud of the photos they provide for you. They want you to look back years after your wedding day and relive that magical moment when you first walked out into the world as husband and wife. They want you to see the love you share with your fiancé or spouse through the window of their photography, and they work very hard to give you the best possible pictures, worth more than the standard 1,000 words.


With even their most inexpensive packages including an engagement shoot and a printed album, they are a hard bargain to beat. They offer free consultation, so head over to their easy-to-use contact page and invest in their fabulous work.