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If your business is to succeed in todays internet based marketplace, you need to be found! The only way that you are in the game is to be ranked on Google and the other search engines. It’s simple, gone are the days of the yellow pages it’s all about Google. There’s no magic formula, there is only one way to get to the top of Google and that is by having Quality content and making sure that Google knows that you exist.

Here at DKD we use ethical and proven methods of helping you rank better, as well as help you deliver your message in an appealing way so that WHEN potential clients find you, the message you have will engage them and make them want to do business with you. Does that make sense? I thought so.


Our Methods, Expertise and Tools Will Get You To The Top and Keep You There!

Anyone who knows even a little about Search Engine Optimization knows that Google constantly changes their algorithms which can throw off a lot of┬áso called “SEO experts”. The reason behind the constant changes is so that Google can increase the user’s experience and at the same time remove unethical users from their rankings. Our clients actually benefit from the Algorithm changes because we ensure that we give Google what they want. Clear, concise information, laid out in a way that is pleasing to the end users.

We have solutions for any business type as well as the tools if you are a DIY kind of person

Our team of SEO experts and Web designers can build you a site from the ground up, or optimize your site that is already existing. We can give you a complete analysis of your competitors and what you need to get ahead of the pack. We offer ongoing support, as well as new ideas that can keep your business growing. Our goal for each and every one of our clients is to be in the driver’s seat in their city and to be dominant in their industry.

Another option would be to purchase some of the advanced SEO tools that we use here at DKD and can do some of it yourself, please note it does require some training to avoid making some errors that can actually work against your ranking. There are a lot of training clinics and webinars within the programs that can keep you on the right track.

Here at DKD we can find you a program that will meet your needs and your budget. Every dollar you will spend with us with bring you a really good return on investment.

For more information regarding the different packages that we have please email