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ENCORE RockMaster OE + IE Headphone Brought To You By Sonic Unity

Outstanding Sound Quality. Extreme Value.

Encore Rockmaster


When you hear that a pair of headphones costs $30, you immediately believe that they might not bring the best quality out there, but you can be wrong sometimes and that’s what Sonic Unity tries to prove with the new Encore Rockmaster headphones.

Right from the start, you will see that the product comes in both IE and OE format, which isn’t bad at all considering the low price that the device has to begin with. You can now find the product on IndieGoGo as it currently runs a crowdfunding campaign, but we managed to take these models for a spin and this is what we thought about them.

First, you need to understand that these aren’t the ultimate headphones out there, but considering the price they are coming with, you just can’t get something better than this at such a low value. The products are simply stunning and there’s nothing to bother you when using them, as the sounds are clear and the listening experience is like a match made in heaven for sure.

The design for these Sonic Unity headphones is simply stunning, as no sound is lost and instead every piece of music is guided through the ear in order to form a majestic, stellar and simply stunning experience that you will enjoy for sure.


Encore Rockmaster

Full Range Of Audiophile Quality Sound

When you start listening music with the Encore Rockmaster headphones, you will immediately notice a dark sound that’s basically created by the bass, and this does bring in a sense of energy at first, although it does go down smoothly and provides you with a very cool, relaxing experience.

In regards to the midrange sounds, these are very clear and offer you a reasonable articulation, and crispness. Rockmaster does bring the best capabilities and definitely a lot more than you can usually see at a product in this particular price range.

Based on my experience with the product I have to say that the bass tends to be better for the deeper and larger instruments instead of the other ones, but still, this is a highly capable product and one that manages to bring in a lot of value! Due to the frequency response, the sounds become a little soft and rounded, which isn’t bad at all, but I would have liked something that’s a little more over the top. Still, both IE and OE models are more than impressive and they offer you immense capabilities, and the small price they are going for is juts insane, you can’t get such an amazing value for this price, you can rest assured of that.

Encore Rockmaster is masterpiece from Sonic Unity, you just can’t find something better at this price! You get a cohesive sound that works amazingly well at the lower levels, although things can get a little bit strange at a higher volume, but still, Encore Rockmaster is an amazing product and one that you will love for sure. If you are a fan of great, clear sounds, then this is definitely the product you are looking for! You can back the project right now by following this IndieGoGo link, you will get your own headphones at a heavily discounted price!




Review of the NuForce uDAC vs the NuPrime uDSD

NuPrime uDSD

If you want to obtain the best possible experience and the ultimate sound quality when you are on mobile or at your computer, then you need a good, reliable digital audio converter which will process the music so you can get the best outcome. But while choosing one can be hard, the reality is that few products can match the NuForce uDAC or the newer, better NuPrime uDSD. NuForce uDAC provides you with a 24bit/96kHz USB interface and it makes it very easy for you to connect the audio signal from your computing unit to your headphones or any other audio output. Included in the device you can also find a professional decoding capability as well as a headphone amp and a very good TOCOS volume control that allows you to perform channel tracking in a more efficient manner, even at the lowest listening levels. Other features such as the Coaxial S/PDIF output and the double jitter-reduction mechanism complete the package and make the device the best choice for audiophiles that want a much better, more realistic listening experience. You can easily purchase the NuForce uDAC right now at Sonic Unity if you want, at the best price on the market. However, if you feel that the NuForce uDAC isn’t performing the way you want, then you can purchase NuPrime uDSD, which is a much better solution thanks to the improved sound as well as the higher quality features. The device supports a DSD256 and PCM384 and it can be used with a maximum sampling rate of around 24 bits, which is more than enough even for the audiophiles. The NuPrime uDSD has an S/N ratio of 112 dB which is much better than what you get with the NuForce uDAC. Of course, both devices are USB powered, but the voltage and the dynamic range are both better in the case of NuPrime uDSD, which not only manages to make the device a lot easier to use but also more versatile, with both of these offering a great benefit for the music lovers. Also, thanks to the output offered with 140 mW at 32 ohms you get a much better music listening experience no matter if you use the headphones or speakers. As a plus, this device comes with one of the lowest harmonic distortion values out there, 0.01%. lastly, the device is very small, in fact it’s palm sized, which makes it very portable, a treat for the audiophiles on the go. Pretty much like in the case of the NuForce uDAC you can purchase the NuPrime uDSD from Sonic Unity right now! So, which one is the best digital audio converter from these two? Even though the NuForce uDAC packs a good punch, the reality is that this tool is a little outdated when it comes to its features and because of that the best bang for your buck is definitely NuPrime uDSD. If you want a good, reliable digital audio converter then all you need is to visit Sonic Unity right now and grab yours right now at the best price on the market. Not only you will be able to take your music listening experience to the next level, but you will also be able to take this tool with you at any given time. Don’t hesitate and check out Sonic Unity right now to get a special price and acquire your own NuPrime uDSD right away!