Wool Area Rug Cleaning Services in Ottawa, Ontario

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Purchasing a wool rug can be a very good investment for your home, and one that will pay off big time in the long run. But instead of cleaning the wool rug on your own, you should considering working with wool rug cleaning services because this allows you to acquire a better result, all while maintaining the high quality of the product as well. One has to wonder though, how can you perform Ottawa wool rug cleaning the right way? Let’s find that out!

Shake off the dirt

You need to take the wool rug outside as this will allow you to remove all the dust from it in a professional manner. You have to be certain that the wool rug does not get wet because the results will be a lot worse. Of course, you can work with an eco-pro carpet care or a professional rug cleaning Ottawa service in order to obtain the best outcome without damaging your rug.

Vacuum your carpet

The wool rug does require a perfect area rug cleaning with the vacuum. This allows you to capture all the particles in it. It’s crucial to perform this step if you want to get rid of the pesky stains immediately. A good idea is to vacuum the rug often especially when it comes to a delicate product such as this one.

Wet the rug

Once the particles were removed, you will need to wet the rug in order to remove the stains efficiently. Combine it with a detergent solution but don’t pour too much, just a small amount will do the trick quite nicely. Remember to rinse the soapy solution from the rug once the cleaning is completed.

Dry the rug immediately

When you do Ottawa wool rug cleaning, you need to dry the rug immediately after cleaning it. This allows you to bring in much better results and a stellar experience. Remember to avoid putting this in the dryer, instead allow it to dry under the sun for a few hours. Don’t leave it exposed too much under sunlight!

Cleaning wool rugs is important because it requires a lot of attention and focus, and that’s why working with a professional set of wool rug cleaning services can come in handy. This will allow you to maintain the wool rug clean, while also increasing its durability and offering you a great way to lower the repair costs that might appear in such a situation.

Don’t try to clean your precious wool rug on your own, instead access our professional rug cleaning Ottawa service and the results will be more than impressive! Get the stellar outcome you always wanted and keep your wool carpet clean, all with the best eco-pro carpet care on the market. Contact us right now and access the best rug cleaning Ottawa has to offer!